Descendance Into Navia

by Caedes Castus



released October 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Echoes of Koliba Productions London, UK

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Track Name: Caedes Castus - Falling From the Eternal Sky
In the summer night
I was falling from the deepest skies
Into the soil, into the thirsty grass
And every star was touching my pain,
And every tree was whispering my name -
Unaware, unaware!

United with the crystal wind
I turned into the four-armed fiery circle
To grab the whole world in my hand
Sowing the seeds of the morning light
Upon the sleeping fields and meadows

Unfathomed yet so well-known
Were the vibrant clouds,
Blessing my last breath and then
Going slowly towards the mysterious horizons
Of their own existence

Where the thunders are the way of life,
Where the mountains bleed with blood of mine,
I am being shown under the Moon eclipse again
How to die!
Track Name: Caedes Castus - Descendance Into Navia
Would it be my last November?
The darkness ends, still the candles glow
I drink the misty morning air, freezing air
The day is so close - my eternal foe

And thus I go away - the sunrise steals my shades
The forest sleeps while horned souls awake
Forgotten path leads me to the golden gates
My dreams are there, my home is there!

And thus I pass away - now silence is my fate
Empire shines, empire turns to dust
So it is done - to Navia I descend!
My home's been there, my dreams 've been there -
Track Name: Caedes Castus - Heathen Dreamlands (The World Where I Belong)
I had a dream:
I rode the horse throughout the heavens
While Stribog's winds
Embraced my pagan heart
The Spring was green
The air so fresh
And dancing ravens
Foretold my fate
My journey to the stars

In that other world of serenity
In that pure and forgotten realm
Where noble willows touch the crystal streams
Flowing snappy underneath
The pride is bound to the memory
The land is the most precious gold
Forever-burning Sun enlightens the temples
Of the human Myth

From the darkness straight into Svarog's dawn!
From the weakness to the cosmic might!
Unleash Thy will, unchain Thy mind,
Thy oppressed yet unbeaten heart!
For Thine is the Law of the Hammer!
Thou art the Revenge of Old Gods!
Swaroga wielki blask,
Peruna święty gniew,
Welesa magia żyje w każdym z nas!

The great splendour of Svarog,
The holy wrath of Perun
And the magic of Veles
Live in every of us!)

Shining past of the ancient soul -
I ask myself: "Where has it gone?"
Track Name: Caedes Castus - The Silent Kingdom of the Grey Skies
Look at the clouds above
How grim and how sad they are...
Like a silent fortress swimming through skies

October evening falls
Over tired ancient land
I carve the wooden statue
For my God

Another life
Another blood
Track Name: Caedes Castus - Wooden Heritage
Forest demons,
Bestow your might upon my hands!

The howling wind upon the moonlit chasms
Is my companion,
The sentinel of whispering dark

Almighty Chors,
Father of my dying kind,
Don't let them see
Thy silver face in my eyes!

Don't let them hear the tales of oaks and pines,
To see her dance,
Her naked grace beneath the stars -
The Mistress of Gods!

So many nights
I swore to serve my Land,
To keep Her secrets
And die for Her forever young.
She is my Throne,
My Goddess and my Bride,
Wooden Heritage!